About Us

Since 2008, MergeNIS (Derived from and short for *Merge Networked Information Systems* for customizing and combining multiple open source packages as well multiple data sources to achieve streamlined web applications.) has been providing custom solutions for individuals & small to medium sized businesses.

Specializing in CRM, CMS, e-commerce and open source LAMP applications, we strive to provide the best development & consulting services at the most competitive prices. Although our service quality is at par with other development agencies, our prices are over 50% lower on average.

MergeNIS’ founder has been involved in the Austin Software development community for years having worked at such companies as parts.com , Intelligentz RFID Integrators & ASA before leaving to start MergeNIS.

Why Us?
Simple; Quality, reliability and security. When we take on a project, we make it our absolute goal to ensure maxiumum customer satisfaction. We strive to deliver above your expectations and are available to assist you every step of the way. At MergeNIS, We value your business and make your project’s success our absolute priority.

We’d like to thank you for visiting our site and look forward to working with you!